About Pestions

What Are Pestions?

Pestions is a place where people with pest problems can get expert answers.

But what makes Pestions extra special isn’t our super thorough and helpful answers from our experts, it’s actually because you can submit your very own pest question ‘Pestion’ and get an expert answer for free.

Have a weird question about roaches? Submit it, and we’ll answer.

Wondering something about bed bugs? Submit it, and we’ll answer.

How Do You Submit Your Own Pestion?

We’ve made is super easy to submit a question and get it answered quickly. Here’s how it works:

Step 1.

First, click one of the “Submit A Pestion” buttons around Pestions.com, which will initiate a popup.

Step 2.

Next, enter your pest question and a contact email so you’re notified when your question is answered.

Step 3.

Last, hit submit and you’re done! When your question is answered, you’ll receive an email notification letting you know.