How To Find Bed Bugs During The Day (Strange…)

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​Bed bugs have a reputation for being notoriously active at night.

These nocturnal parasites are always on a hunting spree at night looking for an unsuspecting host and then leave them with a trail of bite marks and welts in the morning.

how do you find bed bugs during the day

​In the day, bed bugs usually hide in a spectrum of places. However, it doesn't mean that these blood-sucking insects don't mobilize in the light of day. When in close proximity with a potential host, bed bugs don't miss a chance to secure a quenching blood meal.

​Where Do Bed Bugs Hide During The Day?

​When it comes to effectively dealing with a bed bug infestation, it is critical to take all the necessary steps at the first sign of the problem. And confirming whether or not you have a bed bug issue, you'll have to look for these intruders at daytime. 

​But since bed bugs are nocturnal insects, they hate light and usually go into hiding during the day. And this presents a rather challenging obstacle for homeowners.

Bed bug traps (if you have them)

DIY bed bug traps are often the first line of defense against these pests. It is a bowl of water, sugar, and yeast secured under each bed post. The mixture gives off carbon dioxide which lures the bed bugs into the bowl and traps them. Finding a couple of bed bugs inside trap is a clear sign of an infestation.

Headboards and footboards

​When bed bugs aren't feeding, they usually don't go too far away from their main source of food - you. You can find them shacking up by the dozens along your bed's headboards and footboards. These bed frame elements offer a number of comfortable nooks and crannies for bed bugs to kill time until it's feeding time again.

Mattress seams

The mattress seams are another perfect hiding spot for bed bugs without having to go too far away from their food source. The mattress seams are those fine stitchwork that joins to fabrics together. The finishing stitch offers an ideal hiding space for bed bugs.

Outlet covers

Bed bugs will always try to conceal their presence by utilizing all possible hiding spaces. And these include outlet covers. Underneath these plates is a dark and warm space that provide the perfect environment for bed bugs in hiding.

​Why Do Bed Bugs Hide During The Day?

As discussed earlier, bed bugs are nocturnal insects. They are mostly active at night, biting and drinking blood meal in our sleep. At daytime, these parasites hide in the tiniest cracks and crevices out of their sensitivity to light.

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​How To Find Bed Bags During The Day?

​Hunting bed bugs at bedtime is not advisable since such a painstaking task can potentially keep you up all night. And this leaves us settling for daytime for our little search and destroy mission.


Bed bugs are horizontally flat which makes it easy for them to hide behind baseboards. Inspecting for bed bugs in these areas requires a flashlight and any type of card with a plastic edge. Simply insert the card into crevice of the baseboard and move it to push out all bed bugs hiding in that area.

Bed bug traps (if you have them)

​Go back to the bed bug traps you placed the night before. An adult bed bug is about the size of an apple seed so it's not really that hard to determine if whether or not you caught some blood suckers with your trap. If you want to take a closer look, simply use a clear plastic shipping tape.

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Metal bed frames are the best option to avoid suffering from a bed bug infestation. However, other homeowners prefer a more stylish option. For upholstered headboards, simply check along buttons and screw holes. On the other hand, check along the design carvings and crack in a wooden headboard.

Mattress seams

​Before conducting a thorough inspection, simply remove the encasement. Lift the seams of your mattress one side after the other. The seams are a bed bug's favorite hiding spot in your mattress. Don't forget to check on the cracks and label of the mattress.

Outlet covers

Outlet plates are the most unlikely place for bedbugs to hide. Finding bed bugs in these places simply means that a severe infestation is already in full swing.

Electrical outlets also serve as an opportunity for bedbugs to spread their population throughout the entire house. Remove the receptacle covers of the entire room and look for signs of bed bug presence with the help of a flashlight.

The following is a short video on how to properly inspect your bed for bed bugs.

​What Do You Do When You Find Them?

​Bed bugs can neither fly nor jump. However, they can crawl about three to four feet which is more than enough for these pests to easily spread the infestation throughout your home. Before conducting an inspection, make sure that you know what to do the moment you see one.

It is not advisable to crush bed bugs on site one by one. Apart from the stains that will be left behind, crushing bed bugs will only disturb and scatter the group. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the bed bugs including their eggs, nymphs, and droppings.

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Shane Barron

Shane Barron

Hey my name is Shane and I have a passion for helping people with their pest control. I've been learning and researching about pest control topics for the last 2 years and have helped thousands of people navigate their pest problems.

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Shane Barron

Shane Barron

Hey my name is Shane and I have a passion for helping people with their pest control. I've been learning and researching about pest control topics for the last 2 years and have helped thousands of people navigate their pest problems.


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