How Do You Get Bed Bugs In The First Place? (Very weird…)

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​They bite and feed on your blood while you're sleeping soundly in your bedroom. Hence, the name bed bugs.

They're very annoying insects. Although bed bugs can't fly, they're still very hard to get rid of and a few of them can easily spawn hundreds of blood sucking pests in a matter of days.

how do you get bed bugs in the first place

​But the big question here is, "​How do you get bed bugs in the first place?" ​In this Pestion guide, you will learn how bed bugs have found their way into your house.​​​

​Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

​First and foremost, you need to understand where bed bugs come from. ​Unfortunately, bed bugs can come from almost anywhere. They can be found in places where there is an abundant source of food - us.

Bed bugs can be inside hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals, convenience stores, movie theaters, libraries, museums, apartments, and even in your car or any type of public transportation.

The bottom line here is that bed bugs love living right next to us - literally. Regardless of how clean and tidy we are at home, there's practically no telling how impenetrable your house is from a bed bug invasion.

​How Do You Get Bed Bugs Anyway?

​Even though they are wingless insects, bed bugs are masters of hitchhiking and traversing. They have a top speed of one meter per minute and can easily hitch a ride on anything, anytime.

The following are ways bed bugs are able to invade your home:

  • As mentioned earlier, bed bugs are also able to survive in various modes of transportation. Whether you are hitchhiking on a friend's car or transiting by land or by air, you can expect a couple of bed bugs trying to secure their own ride as well.
  • Staying in a hotel or resort is not always about enjoying your vacation or business trip. It's also about picking up remnants of infestations from previous guests' residences.
  • It is always nice to establish good relationship with your neighbors. Although it's nice to be able to visit them for some backyard barbecue or a super bowl party with some beer and chicken, keep in mind that it's also a great opportunity for bed bugs to expand their territory.
  • Simultaneously, accepting friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives into your house is also an open invitation for bed bugs.
  • Since we already know that bed bugs also thrive inside workplaces, going to and fro your office is also a possible bed bug transit.
  • Some people love buying all sorts of antique. But old and used furniture can be a bed bug fortress. ​Before picking up that old cabinet your wife bought from a neighbor's garage sale, be sure to thoroughly check all possible hiding spots as well signs of the insect's presence.
  • ​If you are living in a multi-unit apartment, a bed bug infestation taking place next door can easily find its way into your section.

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​How Can You Stop Bed Bugs From Getting Into Your House?

​Bed bugs are not so stealthy at all. In fact, you can easily see a bed bug slowly creeping into your luggage if you are really up to the task. An adult bed bug is about a quarter of an inch long or equivalent to the size of an apple seed.

If you are a frequent traveler, your itinerary will serve as an open invitation for bed bugs to invade your home. It would be wise to check on your luggage from time to time especially before heading back home. Use a suitcase stand to secure your travel bags throughout the duration of your stay inside a hotel, resort, serviced apartment, or any type of travel accommodation.

The following video will give you expert tips on how to check for bed bugs:

​Secure all your clothes you have used in your travel in a sealed plastic bag and wash them immediately under at least a 60 degree temperature setting. This helps kill surviving bed bugs of all life stages as well as germs.

As mentioned earlier, conduct a thorough examination on any used furniture that you buy before moving it inside your house. As much as possible, use a powerful flashlight as you scour through the tiniest cracks and joints of the second-hand furniture.

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The best defense is indeed a good offense, especially when it comes to bed bugs. Inside your house, you must be well organized and avoid any type and volume of clutter. This significantly diminishes the possible areas for bed bugs to hide and flourish.

In your bedroom, always use a special type of protective encasement for your pillows and mattress. Most of the time, these covers are moisture wicking and are equipped with fine zip-lock technology to prevent both bed bugs and dust mites to penetrate into your bedding.

Tea tree oil extract is a fine example of bed bug repellent. This essential oil has a strong scent that bed bugs really hate. However, extra precaution must be considered since using undiluted tea tree oil poses a serious threat to human health.

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Shane Barron

Shane Barron

Hey my name is Shane and I have a passion for helping people with their pest control. I've been learning and researching about pest control topics for the last 2 years and have helped thousands of people navigate their pest problems.

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Shane Barron

Shane Barron

Hey my name is Shane and I have a passion for helping people with their pest control. I've been learning and researching about pest control topics for the last 2 years and have helped thousands of people navigate their pest problems.


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