Top 5 Best Mosquito Foggers 2019 Review

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​Are you looking for mosquito foggers? Then you've come to the right place.

In this Pestions guide you can expect to learn:

  • Where mosquitoes frequently land
  • Our favorite backpack mosquito foggers
  • Some good stationary mosquito foggers for your yard
  • And some handheld foggers you might be interested in
top 5 best mosquito foggers

I've got a ton of experience killing mosquitoes, and I'm ready to help you kill yours. Let's get started!

Top 5 Best Mosquito Foggers

​Short on time or just want a quick answer?

Check out our list below for a summary of our results. Keep on reading to learn more about mosquito foggers.

Where To Use Mosquito Foggers?

​Once mosquitoes are hatched and grown, they don't need much water anymore. They head for surrounding vegetation in the environment to allow their wings to develop and for carbohydrate food sources, such as nectar and plant exudates. Only the female requires blood to provide the extra protein she needs to develop her eggs.

The males only live a week or so. Once they fertilize the female, their job is done and they die. The female will live for a month or more, producing multiple batches of eggs.

In between blood meals to produce more eggs, the females need their other, regular nutrients to survive. For that, they need surrounding vegetation. But they don't like to land low to the ground.

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mosquito fogger fun fact

Instead, mosquitoes will land and seek harborage, in areas that are between four to ten feet off the ground. Fogging the grass or low lying bushes would be a waste of time. What you need to concentrate on are the trees and tall bushes or shrubs.

Adulticides, pesticides used for killing adult mosquitoes, need to be sprayed on the underside of leaves, branches, and flowers where mosquitoes like to rest between periods of flight and feeding activity. 

They will also land on the upper side as well, but their preference is the underside which provides them with protection from predators.

Concentrate your fogging on the underside of the leaves, moving around the trees and bushes to fog them from all sides.

The video below shows how thermal fogging is done.

​Top 5 Best Mosquito Foggers Reviewed

​As a quick recap, here are the mosquito foggers we looked at. Our #1 pick goes to the Solo 451 Gas Powered Backpack Mist Blower. Be sure to take a look at the Petra Electric Fogger Atomizer because it provides a good electric-powered alternative.

  • ​Two-stroke 66.5 cc solo engine
  • ​Extra large polymer impeller
  • ​Easy start, anti-vibe system

​A lot of companies manufacture backpack foggers, and all of them are good, but Solo is a well-known and trusted name in the pest control industry that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

We've used Solo equipment ourselves out in the field more times than we can count and their sprayers and foggers always
deliver. It's more expensive than some other models, but based on our experience this is the one we recommend.

This 3-gallon fogger boasts a two-stroke gas engine that is easy to start, with an anti-vibration system that is a welcome relief if you have to use it for very long. Its advanced design reduces fuel consumption and noise level.

Even with sound suppressors, your ears can take a real beating from backpack engines, so any reduction in the decibel level is welcome. It also puts out a powerful jet of air that carries your insecticide nearly 20 feet high to coat the leaves and branches where mosquitoes like to rest.

The handle incorporates multiple, easy-to-use features in one control grip. The padded straps and frame, coupled with the lightest weight mechanically possible, give your back and shoulders some relief too.

As with all foggers, you need to wear a respirator, safety glasses, and chemical resistant gloves when using it.

  • ​Large commercial hose with wide mouth lid
  • ​Mists up to 15 feet
  • ​Comfortable and heavy duty backpack straps

​This backpack electric fogger trades the weight of a gas engine for the weight of an extra gallon of insecticide in the shoulder tank, so the gain, on one hand, is lost on the other.

It is a powerful fogger though, with a 15-foot reach on the jet of fog. The extended hose extends your range even further.

The 1200W motor uses 110V AC power, requiring a long extension cord or a gas-powered generator when you're spraying far away from any buildings or power outlets.

You'll still need an extension cord though unless you want to drag the generator around with you too. The need for an extension cord and/or generator is what relegates this to second place on our list.

This fogger is easy to fill, carry, and use. The controls are sensibly designed and comfortable in your hand.

You can easily adjust the flow of chemicals during mid-use as the foliage conditions require. The electric motor is quieter and smoother than a gas engine, reducing the vibration and decibel levels you have to endure.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as a respirator, chemical resistant gloves, and safety glasses are obviously required.

  • ​Versatile fogger for both indoor and outdoor use
  • ​Can be used for mold/mildew control, sterilization, pest fogging, insect fumigation
  • ​Adjustable valve with tornado action nozzle

This stationary inside/outside fogger from Createch USA is made in America and is perfect for fogging attics, houses, basements, crawl spaces, patios, and small yards.

This UL listed fogger has the versatility to fog with both water and oil-based materials. It can be used for mold, mildew control, fumigation, mosquito fogging, bed bug fogging, and roach control fogging.

It has adjustable valves and a tornado action nozzle that allows it to shoot a jet of chemical mist up to 30 feet in any direction.

This is a noisy fogger that sounds like a jet engine, but since it is a stationary unit you probably won't be around except to turn it on and off, so the noise shouldn't be a problem. Switch it on, leave and let it do its job, then come back when it is done.

If you're using it outdoors, set it on the upwind side of your yard and aim it high into the trees and bushes. This will let the fog drift with the breeze to cover everything in your yard. 

Depending on the size of your yard, it will take around 10-15 minutes. Large yards can't be easily fogged with this unit.

Fogging your patio will most likely be a short, painless operation. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to reach all the places
mosquitoes love to sit.

Fogging inside your house, attic, basement, or crawlspace will depend on the size of the space you're fogging. Figure about 15-20 minutes for an 1800 square foot house, then calculate from there based on the size of your house.

  • ​Provides 6 hour protection from mosquitoes and other flying and biting insects
  • ​Can cover an area of 5,000 square foot in 10 minutes
  • ​Portable propane powered fogger

​Backpack and stationary foggers are good, but when you're going camping they're overkill. You need something smaller and portable that will get rid of mosquitoes and other flying bugs without having lug around a backpack.

Welcome to the power of propane.

This handheld fogger only weighs 3½-pounds (before propane bottle and insecticide) and is compact enough to toss in the back of your car without getting in the way of your camping supplies. Once you get to your camping spot and get set up, pull this puppy out and go to work.

Screw in a standard propane fuel cylinder in the back, fill the reservoir with premixed Repel, Cutter, or Black Flag labeled fogging insecticide, and you're ready to go. 

Be careful in lighting the propane though. The flame can
be difficult to see in the daylight. Once it is lit, let it warm up for 2-3 minutes before using it.

Use short, 3-4 second bursts as you fog around your campsite. Too much will result in dripping from the nozzle which will clog it and waste insecticide.

It should only take a few minutes to do the fogging. Wait about 5
minutes for the fog to disperse then you can go back into your campsite and enjoy up to six hours without any insects buzzing your face.

  • ​Great treatment coverage of up to 5,000 square feet
  • ​Works on mosquitoes and other flying and biting insects

​If you don't have money, time, or inclination to use a heavy, professional grade fogger, this 5-pound, handheld electric fogger provides a quick and easy alternative for short-term relief from mosquitoes. The 40-ounce reservoir uses premixed Repel, Cutter, or Black Flag labeled fogging insecticide.

You can treat a 5000 square foot yard or picnic area in about 10 minutes. The insecticide will last for about six hours, so wait to treat the area until a few minutes before your guests arrive or you're going to use the area.

Fog all the areas where mosquitoes like to land, using short bursts of 3-4 seconds each. Once you're done, you only
have to wait about 5 minutes before it is safe to enter the area.

When you're fogging with thermal foggers, the pump is forcing the insecticide to pass through a heating coil. The heat vaporizes the insecticide, which in turn produces a white fog.

If the fog is thin and yellowish in color, it means the insecticide is too hot and you need to increase the pumping rate to increase the volume of insecticide. On the other hand, if you have liquid dripping from the nozzle, it means the insecticide isn't being
heated enough (too much volume) and you need to decrease the pumping rate.

Our Top Pick: ​Solo 451

​There are a lot of mosquito foggers on the market.

​There are gas-powered, electric, backpack, and handheld models available. All of them work, but only one can be the winner.

Overall, our top pick goes to the Solo 451 Gas Powered Backpack Mist Blower.

​Solo is a well-known, trusted name in the pest control industry that provides solid, reliable equipment.

This fogger is powerful, easy to use, comfortable to wear, and has the range and power to reach all the places mosquitoes like to sit and rest when they aren't trying to bite you.

A close second is the Petra Electric Fogger Atomizer because is quieter and just as easy to use.

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Michael V. Wilson

Michael V. Wilson

Michael has 14+ years doing termite jobs on slab and pier-and-beam houses past counting, roach clean-outs, bed bug jobs, flea jobs (inside and outside), ants, fireants, and many more!

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Michael V. Wilson

Michael V. Wilson

Michael has 14+ years doing termite jobs on slab and pier-and-beam houses past counting, roach clean-outs, bed bug jobs, flea jobs (inside and outside), ants, fireants, and many more!


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